Positive Airway Pressure of Mask

It was one thing to wear my MOYOF over a Skype call. But what I’d been dreaming about for weeks was putting it on in the planet. Now was time. I slid the neck gaiter on, pulled my face up over my face, took a deep breath through both my mouths, and walked out into my neighborhood. Immediately I could feel my real face, under my fake face, turning red. I’m sure I’m as being a great deal of people for the reason that I don’t offer an uncomplicated, which is to say, sometimes I hate my stupid face.

Relationship with face

custom face mask

As an introvert, I had been enjoying hiding within a mask. Had I copied my face to spite my face? Under normal circumstances you don’t possess a choice what your face appears to be, but a MOYOF, wasn’t I form of declaring, as though in a very political ad, “Heather Schwedel approves this face”? And I don’t want you to definitely feel that! Or think not really that! Positive airway pressure is commonly supplied to the treating acute breathing disorders like Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). This pressurized air stream is delivered by the pump using Continuous Positive/Bi-level, being directly coupled to the patient’s airways via mouth and/or nose. While most from the literature on OSA and Bi/CPAP treatment solutions are centered on the stress pump and also the therapy conditions (pressure, humidity, velocity, etc.)


There is a recent surge of curiosity about the custom face mask /interface being a key factor contributing to the treatment’s outcome. This is particularly true when patients quit CPAP therapy on account of mask interface issues including damage, air leakage and insufficient tensioning and poor fit. This study presents a CPAP mask design and development methodology to produce a device which can be customized to specific facial features of the wearer. The workflow depends on a multitude of digital technologies including 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D printing. Individual facial features are already defined using key landmarks that are translated in a mask-contour.